“And I know that the United States was founded on principles of the right to free speech”

“What I see when I look at those players who all of a sudden have this urge to peacefully voice their opinion is something endemic to this whole generation. Those rights that they are exercising were given to them by their great great great great great great grandparents. I don’t know how many generations it takes to forget that those rights were fought for. I don’t know how many generations it takes before a person forgets the wars that were and are continually fought to preserve those rights. 

To me, it just seems like those athletes feel “entitled” to those rights and don’t need to respect those who fought for them. The entitlement theme is a common sore spot for me. To me, this generation was raised by another generation of people who somehow feel entitled to things I never felt entitled to. Maybe it’s because my great grandparents were burned in ovens in Germany. Maybe it’s because I was required to say the pledge of allegiance in school. Maybe it’s because I have friends who were drafted into the service and sacrificed their lives or their sanity for this country. Or maybe it’s simply because I don’t assume anything anymore and entitlement wasn’t anything I was entitled to. 

Whatever it is, professional athletes, whose incredible skills are the result of being blessed with incredible genetics, really depict the highest level of entitlement. Why should anyone have difficulty understanding when they callously disrespect the flag? I could care less what they do or what they think. I choose not to give a crap about any of their thoughts.  I’m even annoyed at myself for giving this enough thought to write anything down.”


Jeffrey H. Fox, DDS

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